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For us, wine is a passion

Sharing a bottle of wine accompanied by a selection of cheeses and charcuterie is more than just a meal. It's a social event, a time to come together and enjoy the finer things in life. Just like wine, there is a world of flavors in cheeses and charcuterie. You can explore everything from a soft brie to a strong blue cheese, or from a delicate prosciutto to a rich chorizo. This diversity provides endless combination possibilities to match with your favorite wine

Flavors that complement your wine selection

On our menu "Small & Good" you will find an exciting palette of Cheese & Chark in several different sizes. Maybe it's a day like that when a simple piece of cheese goes perfectly with the evening's wine selection. Or it's time to really treat yourself, with a generous tray filled with a rich variety of cold cuts and a handpicked mix of delicious cheeses. Whatever your wishes, you will find with us the perfect combination to complete your wine experience. Our range changes all the time but can be anything from cold cuts such as Serrano ham, Coppa, Trufflesalmi and cheeses such as Comté, A.O.P, Cremeaux des alpes, Manchego, Brillat savarin, Fourme D’ambert A.O.P

Tasty abundance: Plankan - Barrique's gigantic cheese & charcuterie tray

At Barrique, we offer an experience out of the ordinary. Our cheese & charcuterie tray covers almost our entire largest table and is created to share between 10-15 people. A rich collection of delicious cheeses and charcuterie delicacies awaits you A rich collection of delicious cheeses and charcuterie delicacies await you, along with several other treats. See menu below.


• Bread with whipped brown butter

• Roe cones

• Crustaceans

• Olives

• Chips

• Marcona almonds

• Charcuterie & Cheese

• Tuna Tataki

• Tartar on beef tenderloin with roe

• Potato Royal


Main course

• Tri-Tip on Veal or Baked Cod Loin


SEK 695/person

Take a look at the video below to get a glimpse of how it's presented


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